Autumn is probably one of the most confusing seasons just in general but especially when it comes to dressing appropriately. We all know that when Winter rolls around, it comes time to rummage around in the nether regions of our closets and find long lost tights and boots. I think that I have Winter down, I also have Summer down and even Spring isn't too much of a problem. Autumn though...I mean what do you wear? Are jeans the only real option here or are tights okay? Should I wear a skirt with tights and boots or with boots but no tights? I find this season all too confusing for my liking and I'm always at a loss of what to wear. I would say that when I do search outfits on Pinterest or We Heart It, 99% of the time it's a hunt for Autumnal inspiration. Having said this, I have tried to get my ducks into at least the same pond this year and make a little Autumn look book. So, without further ado, here's part 1. 




This is definitely a 'warmer day' look. Perfect for a day that's somewhere between Summer and Winter. 

I have taken the staple of black jeans and paired then with a larger fit shirt (in this case from Mr Price) and some cool sandals. I really like this shirt because of the bit of ruffle detail on the back for visual interest (which you cannot see in this image...sorry) and the larger fit works really well to balance skinny jeans. I always feel like my hips are my largest part and so a flared or bigger fit shirt which lands on the hip really helps. 

I would say that the only real way to wear this shirt with flared jeans would be to tuck it in (ditto for a skirt). Absolutely one of my favs for warmer Autumn days. I'll show you this shirt with a skirt in the next instalment of the 'Autumn Look Book'. 




Once again, jeans make this look work. This time, the jeans are from Topshop (the Cain style if you were interested) and are a lovely high waisted fit.

High waisted jeans are always a great option in my opinion. I'm not a huge lover of jeans (or pants in general) because I feel like they always make my legs look short and fat. Having a high waist really lengthens your legs and makes you look taller.

You really can wear double denim as long as the denims in question are different enough. In this instance, one denim is much lighter than the other. I love playing around with trends like this one (which quite clearly came back from the 90's)

Personally, I like a nice flat shoe with this look. You can really go for any shoe and you can even bring a pop of colour in with the shoe. I chose a pair from Rubi by Cotton On which are slip on and have a nice black and white print for a bit of interest. 



It isn't a big secret that denim goes with everything, even with denim [just make sure the denims are different enough in colour so you don't end up looking like the 90's threw up on you because that's not a good look on anyone. Here's looking at you Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake]. This particuar denim jacket is from Mr Price and is so comfy.

It's very much 80's or 90's in style with is large fit sleeves and bulky look. I particularly like using all the pins (the 90's had them) to decorate the jacket and make it your own. You might have some from all over the world, some from your childhood (especially if you're a 90's kid) and maybe even some from Disney.

However, if you find yourself sans pins to put on your jacket, worry not as places like Cotton On, Topshop and Typo are selling them. I love the customisation of clothes which has made a big return in 2016/17. Patches, badges...anything you want, go mad. This jacket already has a really cool back which is quite novel and very much a 'joburg' print. If you have a plain denim jacket and want it to look more 'you' just customise it either by sending it off to be printed on or by decorating it yourself if you're feeling artsy.