From "The One Where the Monkey Goes Missing' 

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From 'The One With The Breast Milk' 

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Denim Pinafore Dress: http://tidd.ly/2270ef35

Striped Top: http://tidd.ly/7ab5a306

Longline Blazer: http://tidd.ly/d8e86da8

Trainers: http://tidd.ly/36aad03d


From 'The One With Two Parts' 

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From 'The One with the Sonogram at the End' 

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From 'The One With Phoebe's Husband'

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Over the years, I have done my fair share of long-haul flights wearing various things and many variations of outfits. 

I think I may have finally found the one in this outfit though. Through trial and error (mostly error) I have found out that it is in fact rather more difficult than you might imagine to dress for a flight and maintain some sort of fashion. 

I have spent a lot of time scouring the internet and otherwise doing what some might consider stalking the best dressed fashion bloggers who travel a lot. I would like to point out that I don't consider it stalking, I consider it more along the lines of learning. 

The very best I found was of course none other than Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad (https://www.theblondesalad.com). Her travel style is absolutely amazing and she is, in my eyes at least, the undisputed queen of travel outfits which are both comfy and stylish. 

Of course her budget is perhaps a little different to the budget of the general population. However, if you can afford the head-to-toe Gucci, by all means go for it! If your budget doesn't quite extend that far, here's my cheaper and thus more budget friendly version. 

1. Layering is absolutely key

You might get hot doing all the in between walking and lifting of heavy suitcases but on the plane it can get cold and you want to cuddle up and you definitely don't want to freeze on the flight. For this, I layered a T-shirt underneath my jersey so that I could easily slip things on and off. 

2. Comfortable trousers 

For me, leggings are not pants and I just cant wear them as pants. Perhaps it's a personal hang up about my legs. I prefer a bit more space. I opted for some comfy but very cool track pants from top shop which were comfortable and still stylish (with the addition of the Gucci-like stripes down the sides).

3. Comfy Shoes

The undisputed king of comfy shoes is undoubtedly the trainer and these Adidas Superstars are so comfy. They also slip on and off easily for security checks and whilst on the plane. 




Screenshot 2017-08-22 16.10.06.png

There is only one way to manage the ever changing english weather and that is layering (and being prepared for rain at any and all times). England is all well and good during winter when the weather remains fairly stable throughout the day, only changing really a few degrees day to night. Then, you pretty much know what you're doing and dressing for the day is (in general) not a problem. 

Here's a problem I have found though. Whilst throughout the day the temperature may remain fairly stable, first thing in the morning is cold and the evenings, with us drawing ever nearer to Autumn, are also much cooler. So, thats a basic outline of weather (which I'm sure you were all really enjoying reading). Another issue comes around when you're commuting, if you use the morning train, its air conditioned and thus you will end up cold. If you use tubes (undergrounds), you  will soon realise that they're really hot. Its great when you're coming from your morning train and are more or less frozen solid but about 5 minutes in, it quickly becomes an issue. 

So, here's where I come in. My suggestions are as follows:

If the weather says that there will be no rain: DO NOT BELIEVE IT

England is famous for rain and it almost certainly will and always when you least expect it. I recommend keeping an umbrella with you at all times and one in absolutely every single place you can think of. This means making sure that there is always one in the handbag you're using, one at your desk, one in your car (if you have one) etc...

If the weather is around 20 degrees and partly cloudy:

Think light layers. If you're wearing jeans or pants, you want those with a pair of shoes of your choosing, basically whatever works and doesn't totally kill you when you're busy walking the streets of London. Then add a T-shirt and on top of that a jersey. Easy to take on and off in the case of cold trains or hot tubes also light enough to pop in a bag should you need to do so. If you want to wear a dress or skirt, the basic principle is the same, light dress or skirt and t-shirt (can be sleeveless) and then a jersey on top of that (can be in the form of a pull-on jumper or a cardigan). Easy peasy. 

If the day seems a bit colder, you can add a light blazer or jacket on top of that. As it gets colder, a coat with no lining should do for Autumn progressing to a trench coat for colder Autumn days and winter. The t-shirt can change from short sleeved to long sleeved depending on the weather. 

And that is the easiest way to layer.  

Also, a quick note: If you have a favourite pair of pants but they're too light for Autumn/Winter or even a colder day, get some leggings and layer up that way. You can also still show off ankle and shoes and the bonus with leggings is that you get no stocking hugging from your pants!



Autumn is probably one of the most confusing seasons just in general but especially when it comes to dressing appropriately. We all know that when Winter rolls around, it comes time to rummage around in the nether regions of our closets and find long lost tights and boots. I think that I have Winter down, I also have Summer down and even Spring isn't too much of a problem. Autumn though...I mean what do you wear? Are jeans the only real option here or are tights okay? Should I wear a skirt with tights and boots or with boots but no tights? I find this season all too confusing for my liking and I'm always at a loss of what to wear. I would say that when I do search outfits on Pinterest or We Heart It, 99% of the time it's a hunt for Autumnal inspiration. Having said this, I have tried to get my ducks into at least the same pond this year and make a little Autumn look book. So, without further ado, here's part 1. 




This is definitely a 'warmer day' look. Perfect for a day that's somewhere between Summer and Winter. 

I have taken the staple of black jeans and paired then with a larger fit shirt (in this case from Mr Price) and some cool sandals. I really like this shirt because of the bit of ruffle detail on the back for visual interest (which you cannot see in this image...sorry) and the larger fit works really well to balance skinny jeans. I always feel like my hips are my largest part and so a flared or bigger fit shirt which lands on the hip really helps. 

I would say that the only real way to wear this shirt with flared jeans would be to tuck it in (ditto for a skirt). Absolutely one of my favs for warmer Autumn days. I'll show you this shirt with a skirt in the next instalment of the 'Autumn Look Book'. 




Once again, jeans make this look work. This time, the jeans are from Topshop (the Cain style if you were interested) and are a lovely high waisted fit.

High waisted jeans are always a great option in my opinion. I'm not a huge lover of jeans (or pants in general) because I feel like they always make my legs look short and fat. Having a high waist really lengthens your legs and makes you look taller.

You really can wear double denim as long as the denims in question are different enough. In this instance, one denim is much lighter than the other. I love playing around with trends like this one (which quite clearly came back from the 90's)

Personally, I like a nice flat shoe with this look. You can really go for any shoe and you can even bring a pop of colour in with the shoe. I chose a pair from Rubi by Cotton On which are slip on and have a nice black and white print for a bit of interest. 



It isn't a big secret that denim goes with everything, even with denim [just make sure the denims are different enough in colour so you don't end up looking like the 90's threw up on you because that's not a good look on anyone. Here's looking at you Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake]. This particuar denim jacket is from Mr Price and is so comfy.

It's very much 80's or 90's in style with is large fit sleeves and bulky look. I particularly like using all the pins (the 90's had them) to decorate the jacket and make it your own. You might have some from all over the world, some from your childhood (especially if you're a 90's kid) and maybe even some from Disney.

However, if you find yourself sans pins to put on your jacket, worry not as places like Cotton On, Topshop and Typo are selling them. I love the customisation of clothes which has made a big return in 2016/17. Patches, badges...anything you want, go mad. This jacket already has a really cool back which is quite novel and very much a 'joburg' print. If you have a plain denim jacket and want it to look more 'you' just customise it either by sending it off to be printed on or by decorating it yourself if you're feeling artsy. 





Recently, I took my yearly trip with my parents to Umhlanga. I always loved Umhlanga but recently, my love for the place has grown exponentially as it has become more built up and buzzy (i'm a city girl). 

This outfit was what I wore the day we road-tripped back from Umhlanga to Johannesburg which is a 6 hour trip. It's a long time to be sitting in the car and thus you have to choose your clothes carefully. 

The first and most major thing to consider is the weather. In order to be comfortable both in and out of the car you need to make sure you know what the weather is all along the way at stops as well as at the final destination. It was a hot day reaching 30 odd degrees Celsius in both Umhlanga and Durban. However, the midway point where we stop for lunch (Harrismith) was only around 20 degrees. That's a big temperature difference. 

You also want to be comfortable enough to sit in the car, maybe lie down and sleep if you're that way inclined on long journeys. While you do that, you don't want to end up with extremely creased clothes when you exit the car. For me, style is very important and I always want to look good even when travelling. 

I specifically didn't want to wear jeans for this trip because of the temperature and i wasn't sure about how a dress would wear after a few hours of sitting in the car. So I decided against the wearing of a dress. 

Instead, this was the outfit that I chose. It is a bit of a step out of the box for me as (for unknown reasons) I have never worn these pants with anything other than a white t-shirt. I actually love the tee that I chose here so much though. It's from Mr Price and one of those really soft and easy-to-wear materials that just scream comfort as soon as you put them on your body. It is a pale pink and says 'Hollywood' across the front. The pants from Zara are absolutely one of the most comfortable and easy wearing thing you can put on your body. They slip on and off really easily (which is amazing for long car trips) and they're flowy enough to be comfortable and look super easy-going. They still have that pop and make a bit of a statement though. Essentially the 'pants' are actually long length culottes. The piece that I have tied on the side as a 'belt' is acyually the front bit of fabric that creates the 'skirt'. I tied it with a hair band and it works. I actually like these more worn as pants than as culottes. 

My sunnies are my prescription Ray-Bans and the shoes are a nice, comfortable and practical heel from River Island. The bag is vintage Louis Vuitton and I am in love with it. 


So yeah, that's my outfit. I will try to find similar pieces and link them for you below.



MY PANTS ARE FROM ZARA: https://www.zara.com/uk/

SIMILAR: https://www.spree.co.za/edit-smart-culottes-black/product/DQA69ZL?ref_catid=293

IF YOU WANT YOUR PANTS TO BE A BIT MORE: https://www.spree.co.za/afrodizzy-anakara-sunburst-printed-cullottes-mid-brown/product/71746N5?ref_catid=293

MANGO ALSO HAVE A COOL VERSION (ON SALE): https://www.spree.co.za/mango-front-tie-detail-cropped-pant-stone/product/28Z6188?ref_catid=293

A BIT OF A WIDER FLARE (AND CHEAPER - ON SALE): https://www.spree.co.za/style-republic-culottes-with-pleats-dark-red/product/T5565YY?ref_catid=293


SIMILAR: https://www.mrp.com/en_za/floral-t-shirt-1108510301

SIMILAR: https://www.mrp.com/en_za/statement-t-shirt-1108510294

MANGO STATEMENT TEE: https://www.spree.co.za/mango-glitter-print-t-shirt-white/product/6U5V6W7?ref_catid=1383


SIMILAR (FROM MR PRICE): https://www.mrp.com/en_za/metalic-block-heel-8802010389

SIMILAR FROM SPREE: https://www.spree.co.za/mango-clara-patent-block-heel-shoes-black/product/8S7T776

MY BAG IS LOUIS VUITTON: http://eu.louisvuitton.com/eng-e1/homepage?campaign=sem_GG-ZA-ENG-SH-BRAN-BREX

SUNNIES: http://www.ray-ban.com/southafrica