Digital & Restricted Items 

Always store your laptop in an easy-to-reach place. We all know how difficult security can be and you don't want to add to your own stress and the stress of others by having to rummage around to find all your bits and pieces which need individually scanning through security. Keep them in your handbag and easy to reach and move things around post security. Stress = Avoided 



Keep Warm

Always pack a blanket or if you're tight on space, pack a scarf which can double as a blanket on the plane. The blankets provided are always thin, flimsy and not very warm. Its much easier to survive if you're at least warm. 






Airport Lounges

You can pre-book yourself into an airport lounge from around 30 quid and it's definitely worth the money! A peaceful and calm atmosphere away from the craziness of families and kids with the added bonus of free drinks and snacks. 



Free WiFi?

Find it, seek it out and use it. Seriously, one of the most difficult things about long-haul flights is how long you are offline for. Use the time waiting for your flight to do some work, catch up on emails or just chat to your friends and family.



Bring Baby Wipes or Hand Sanitiser

Airports and aircrafts are damned dirty places. Millions and millions of people go through them each day and thus are touching the same surfaces and using the same things as you. 





Netflix & Fly 

Download any programmes you might want to watch during your flight from Netflix. With Netflix, you can download and save series and movies to watch at a later date and when you're offline. Just download the app, and download your faves and you're all set.







As lovely as a good book is, they take up space and weight and it can be very hard on your eyes to focus for periods of time that are that long. I find an audiobook such a fabulous alternative as you can just sit back, relax and listen without needing any external source of light. It means you can listen for as long as you want and get deeply involved without bothering anyone at all!