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So I get a lot of questions from people about what kind of podcasts I listen to. I have always been a huge fan of true crime most especially unsolved cases and disappearances. Below are my all time favourite podcasts to get your true crime fix. Together, with TCATT, TCATT Unsolved and Crime Junkie, there are 275 episodes of fully fledged true crime to keep you going.


On ‘True Crime All The Time’ most commonly referred to as TCATT, hosts Mike Ferguson and Mike Gibson also known as Gibby guide you through the most fascinating of true crime stories including the likes of Russell Williams, Fred and Rosemary West, Gary Alan Walker and Richard Ramirez to name but a few. They give as much time and thought to the lesser known cases as they do to the most famous

Mike and Gibby both have very interesting and often very different takes on the murders and their perpetrators. This podcast is always a fascinating listen, full to the brim with interesting tidbits of information and very well researched throughout. These two manage to be respectful of how awful the murders they talk about are and still include a healthy sprinkling of humour throughout.

Talented guys with a brilliant podcast! A real must listen of you are a true crime fanatic like me. Find them here on apple podcasts:



Probably my favourite of all the true crime podcasts out there, TCATT Unsolved is also hosted by Mike Ferguson and Mike ‘Gibby’ Gibson (see above).

Unsolved delves into all the weirdest unsolved crimes and murders of our time. As with TCATT, Mike and Gibby guide you step by step through the crimes sparing none of the details. They tell the stories of the victims of these unresolved crimes, look into the facts that surround the case and all the suspects. All while maintaining a light but respectful tone and a bit of humour throughout.

Just as good as, in fact probably better than TCATT and my absolute favourite listen:



This weekly podcast hosted by Ashley Flowers and co-host Brit Prawat will definitely give you your true crime fix for the week. Ashley has a brilliant way of telling the stories in such a way that you feel like you are with friends discussing the case. The storytelling is well thought through with a good balance of facts and speculation.

Ashley and Brit both have great voices for podcasting and tell the horrendous stories in a brilliant and caring way. Generally, Crime Junkie is great for lesser known cases and unsolved crimes.

Crime Junkie is out every Monday for your true crime fix: and on apple podcasts:



New series alert!

I've decided to start a weekly post here where I share some of my absolute favourite things. They could be anything...things I've been listening to, watching, eating, buying or just enjoying in general. So for my very first 'My Favourite Things' I've decided to share some of my favourite podcasts to listen to. So, in no particular order, here goes...



Hosted by Deborah Frances-White, this podcast is an absolute revelation. I have learnt so much in such a short time and have had such great fun doing it as well. Deb is full of knowledge and interesting points of view.

She explains Feminism in a way that is both beautiful and easy to understand. The guests are brilliant, witty and inspirational. In short, I would seriously recommend this podcast to everyone - man, woman, child, it doesn't matter! Please give it a listen!



This podcast is hosted by Liv Purvis of What Olivia Did and Charlotte Jacklin of Betty Magazine.

These two are a must listen. They cover everything from day to day millennial life to deeper issues like race and activism.

They are an absolute joy to listen to and full of great one-liners and witty commentary. I relate to them so much and I can't get enough of this podcast! Definite must listen



The Gareth cliff show is a breakfast show which you can listen to live (as a radio show) via The Cliff Central app or in podcast format post-recording. The show is South African centric but Gareth and co are full to the brim with knowledge and witty repartee. The GCS is all about uncensored real conversation about current affairs. Highlight for me is ‘Said by Siya’ and Bens Sport which is the most interesting sports reporting you’ll ever hear.

*I don’t always agree with his views but find the show as a whole very interesting and enjoy it for all the knowledge it offers up.



Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes are the hosts of the High Low podcast. On the podcast they chat about everything from everyday life to whats happening in the world of politics and how it impacts on us as people living in the world created by our leaders.

Two brilliant women who are both brilliant feminists and lovers of life.

They give fabulous book, movie and series recommendations and are a lot of fun to listen to.