If you have a bookworm on your Christmas gifting list, this is the gift guide for you. I am an avid reader myself and all of these are books that I have read and that I love deeply. Each book on here has made it to this list because I think it has a very special message to give and is a must-read. Please note that these books are in no particular order 😉 Also this post is not sponsored by anyone although I wish it was…Exclusive books - hit me up 🤙

Happy shopping…🎄🎁



R 195.00 -R 231.00

I have this in audio book format on Audible and I have listened to it over and over and over again. Daisy is an absolutely brilliant writer and this book is a testament to how great she is. It is such an honest recollection of the trials and tribulations she has gone through and those which we go through on our journey to adulthood.

I have listened to this book often when my life seems to be going downhill at an impossible speed and I simply don’t know what to do - I reach for this book. I have cried on the streets of Brighton and put on my earphones and listen to this book and it has stopped my tears.

If you feel like you’re failing at being in your 20’s, you aren’t - you aren’t failing and you’re not alone. I have laughed and cried my way through this book. I know I will keep reading it because it resonates so strongly. This is to date one of the most important books I have ever read and I strongly recommend it as a gift…what’s better than a book which tells you that you’re doing fine and you aren’t alone.

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R 185.00-R 236.00

What an absolutely brilliant and engrossing book. I absolutely loved this book and so much of it rang true for me. When we first meet Eleanor, she is most definitely not fine and is 100% stuck in a rut. She scorns other peoples need for human connection and distances herself from everyone.

This is the quintessential 'don't judge a book by its cover' lesson. In the beginning, Eleanor seems very odd and difficult to relate to (even if we've all shared her thoughts on humanity once or twice) but once you get to know her and learn about her story and how well she has actually coped with everything she's been through, you develop a new respect for her as a character. 

The book follows Eleanor’s journey from her thoroughly traumatic past to a future where she might have a life rather than just a mere existence. This book is a brilliant commentary of how connected each and every person is. How any act of kindness, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem to you at the time is vital. Eleanor learns about love and friendship and how people improve each others lives just by being there. Alongside Eleanor and her snide world view, we learn how vital it is to look upon each other with kindness. 

Whilst Eleanor Oliphant is most definitely not completely fine, she is one fantastically different, vibrant and brilliant heroine. In short, this book will make you want to invite every single person you know round for a cup of tea and a hug...even the weird ones. 

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R 323.00

Probably the most important book of our time written by one of the most brilliant women of our time. Deborah Frances-White is the writer and comedian behind ‘The Guilty Feminist’ podcast which has had more than 50 million downloads.

Deb is most definitely a thought leader of our time and her opinions are so beautifully thought out and balanced. Feminism gets a very bad wrap but since the #MeToo movement more and more women are coming out of the woodwork to join the feminist movement.

In the Guilty Feminist podcast, Deborah created a safe space for women to include themselves and feel heard. Since I started listening to the Guilty Feminist, my opinions and world views have changed substantially for the better. I have started to understand that I am not alone in what I go through day to day. It is amazing to hear incredible women who ordinarily, you wouldnt get to hear. Women who have incredible and thoughtful opinions that the world needs to hear and without people like Deb and her podcast and book, they wouldn’t have a platform.

My favourite episodes of the Guilty Feminist (although I love very single episode that has been made) if you want a flavour of Debs comedy:

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R 245.00 - R 267.00

“There are three things you should know about Elsie.The first thing is that she's my best friend.The second is that she always knows what to say to make me feel better.And the third thing... might take a little bit more explaining”

84 year old Florence lives in a flat at Cherry Tree Home for the Elderly. She has had a fall and while she lies there on the floor of her flat and wonders whether anyone will come to help, she tells us her story.

Florence has lived a long life and she has a best friend, but not the kind of friend where you’re only friends for a few years. Florence and Elsie have been best friends ever since she can remember.

But there’s a secret that Florence has been keeping her whole life, something terrible that she did when she was young. She wonders whether that secret might die with her.

As we go on the jouney of long forgotten memories with Florence, we find that things aren’t always what they seem, friendship is vital and that we are more than our biggest mistake. Life affirming and beautifully written, this is a must read for fans of long journeys and battenburg cake.

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R 155.00 - R 308.00

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie must be one of the most powerful writers of our time. She is also one of the best speakers of our time (just pop her name and Ted Talk into Google and you’ll see what I mean).

Purple Hibiscus is so beautifully written and is so immensely powerful. I read this book in all of one day and I physically could not put it down.

In the book, we follow Kambili, a fifteen year old girl who lives in Nigeria. She has, it is obvious, an abusive and strict father who makes and dictates all the rules. Her days are structured around schedules created by her fanatically religious father and she has never known laughter or happiness.

During a military coup in Nigeria in which her Father seems to be suspiciously deeply involved, Kambili and her brother are sent off to stay with her Aunt who’s house and life are the complete antithesis of the life they have come to know. Their Aunt lives a free life which is filled with love and laughter and family fun. In her Aunt’s fun filled house, Kambili discovers that the life she and her brother have been leading is not normal at all and that her faithful family isn’t exactly what it seems to be.

Read it because its a really heart bracingly beautiful book and I could not put it down. Read it all in a day.

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R 280.00 - R 304.00

How To Stop Time is honestly one of the most incredible books I have had the privilege of reading. Matt Haig must be one of the best authors of our time. The attention he pays to not just a single character but multiple different characters, each with their own story, their own history. Every single character in how to stop time is unique and 3 dimensional. They are those characters that you come to love and by the end of the book, you don't want to let go of. 

This is one of those books that makes you think, the type of book which keeps the brain ticking over and thinking. It is such a difficult book to describe, how could I possibly describe something which fits into pages so beautifully and yet, as you read, brings about new realisations not just about humans in general but about yourself and who you are. 

The book is split into sections which all correspond and correlate perfectly. We always come back to present day London and thus the comparisons between history and what is happening in our world right now are that much stronger. Here, we follow Tom Hazard who, whilst he may look like an average 41 year old, has a dangerous secret. He has a rare condition which means he lives much longer than other humans.

Tom constantly has to change his identity in order to survive in secrecy and won’t allow himself to get attached to any humans because he is afraid of loosing them. We follow Tom on the road to finding his child who has the same condition and who he hasn’t seen in years. How To Stop Time is a beautiful story about finding the truth and finding yourself.

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R 213.00

'How To Be Happy' is an absolutely brilliant book which explores the fact that it is often the smallest things which make the biggest difference. The difference between actually living, feeling and being alive and simply existing. The book explores the way so many people just trudge through life, always settling and never really happy. It explores the difference between living your life waiting for the storm to pass and dancing in the rain. 

When we meet Annie, she is the prime example of someone who is trudging through a miserable and unhappy life. She is so deeply unhappy and has been hurt so many times that she has literally forgotten what it's like to be happy.  She lives her life out as if it were just a movie playing before her eyes, stuck in a rut, going to work everyday to do a job which brings her no joy whatsoever with people she doesn't particularly like. She lives in a uniform of black and is in general, just miserable and lonely. Her mum has just been diagnosed with early onset dementia and is stuck in hospital. Annie visits everyday even though, most of the time, her mother cannot remember who she is. 

The day we meet her is the day on which her life is set to be changed forever is, for all intents and purposes, a 'normal' day. Annie is at the office in the hospital trying to change her mothers address so that her post will go to Annie instead which, though it sounds easy is proving difficult if not impossible. Then she meets Polly who is the epitome of happiness, a rainbow on legs and the complete opposite of Annie. 

Polly, Annie learns quite quickly is dying...terminal cancer. She has been given 100 days to live and is trying in earnest perhaps for the first time in her life to actually start living. To use up the small amount of life she has left in her to do all the things she really wants to do. Polly is trying to fit 35 years of living into 100 days. She is wearing all the clothes which she has but has never worn because they just weren't quite right for the occasion. Polly is like a living rainbow, throwing joy around everywhere she goes, inspiring others and being bright and cheerful. Somehow, Polly manages to drag Annie into her '100 Days Of Happiness' and through those days spent together, they learn from each other. 

They form a beautiful friendship in the short space of time and together, they do everything from going up the shard to dancing in a fountain. Polly gives Annie her friendship and in doing that essentially,  teaches Annie how to live again while she herself is dying. She shows Annie how to move on from the past, shows her that everyone is dealing with something and battling their own demons. They help each other to move past what has happened to them and along their way, they re-kindle old friendships and spark new ones. 

They teach each other lessons about life like that you're never completely alone in your suffering, that other people suffer silently alongside you. When you only have 100 days left to live, you make every moment count. Make sure that every single thing you do adds something to your life, adds value. Through Polly, Annie learns how to live again, how to forgive and how to love and let people in. Annie takes from Polly hope...

This book is unforgettable and a brilliant life lesson wrapped up in an absolutely beautiful and heart-warming story. It's the sort of book that every single person should read. To remember how lucky you are to have this day, to have no cap on your life. To have the freedom to dance in the rain (or a fountain) to sing out loud and to stop being afraid, maybe just eat what you want. Nobody lives forever...The most brilliant and life-affirming book I have read in a while and really well worth the read or listen:

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For the girl who loves to have perfectly manicured nails, this is the perfect gift! It’s not too pricey either at only R175. The perfect little gift or stocking filler, it comes in three colours so it doesn’t have to be pink ;) Tweexy claims that it fits all fingers and nail polishes.




For that girl who collects mugs (I am one of those girls much to my parents disgust). I am absolutely in love with this mug, it’s hilarious…and true. I would really like to own all the mugs in the world but a combination of my parents’ lack of agreement and the lack of space in the kitchen cupboards says no. If however, you are gifted a mug…well how could you refuse a gift. Bring on the gift mugs guys.




Everyone knows someone who is absolutely obsessed with Disney. I’d say this is one of the cutest (and most useful) gifts on the list. Even the cap has ears…how can you not love it? It’s cute, it’s pretty and it’s pink. The perfect gift for the Disney obsessed girl. It’s also really great that it’s metal because it’ll keep your water (or vodka…whatever floats your boat) cooler for longer.




I actually struggle to think of a better gift to receive than this one. What kind of person hasn’t dreamt of being a mermaid? I mean you get to be snuggly, warm and a fucking mermaid…what more could you ask for this Christmas? Also, would you just look at the pretty colours they’ve used? Typo is an absolute must visit for Christmas gifting this year. They really have gone all out and their range suits everyone which is an absolute blessing.




As if it needed mentioning that I already own this. As you all know, I am a Slytherin and proud of it. I saw this sleep tee in Typo and I knew I had to have it. I love that Typo have done these sleep tees for all the houses and not just for Gryffindor. I’m so bored of seeing Harry Potter merch that only represents Gryffindor. I men come on…we’re real fans so of course we’ve been sorted and we ain’t all in Gryffindor. I have this, I love this and I recommend this heartily. The packaging it comes in is also so lovely.




Another Typo gift on the list. I am obsessed with their novelty earrings. I own a pair (unsurprisingly) it’s actually beginning to seem like this is simply a list of my favourite things…it is I guess because how else can I recommend things? Anyway, these are such a cool statement piece to wear and they certainly attract attention. I wore their ‘Fabulous Bitch’ pair and I’ve literally never had such positive responses to my earrings before.